Therapy and social skills groups for young children with autism, ADHD, or other social-communication challenges in the Greater Boston area. 

Social Skills Groups

Building social skills through hands-on learning, practice, and review in group sessions.

Individual Therapy

Focused social skill development through direct instruction and structured practice.


In-depth evaluation and reporting on social-communication skills.

Kids Get Social is a speech-language pathology clinic offering therapy, social skills groups, and assessments for children with autism or other social-communication challenges.

Children from ages 3-9 will learn a variety of social skills that are beneficial for home, school, playdates, and other settings. Our therapy is specially designed for children with autism, social-communication disorders, ADHD, or for any kids that need extra help building social skills. We offer comprehensive social-communication assessments, which will help guide therapeutic treatment in either private or school settings. Kids Get Social is based in Cambridge, MA and serves the Greater Boston area.