Kids Get Social offers both group and individual therapy services for children ages 3-9 with social communication challenges. Services include:

Social Skills Screenings

Screenings are the first step to enrolling for services. We interview parents to gather background information and developmental history, as well as to identify their concerns. Children will receive an informal social-communication screening. These provide a place to start with therapy placement, treatment plans, and individual therapy goals.

Social Skills Assessments

We perform assessments when documentation is required for insurance, or when a parent wants a formal report on social-communication skills. In addition to our Social Skills Screening, we use standardized tests to fully report on your child’s current skills. These tests will determine appropriate therapy placement, and are used to create a full treatment plan with individual goals for your child.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Lessons in our individual therapy sessions give your child the important foundational skills needed to be successful during interactions with peers, friends, teachers, and family members. In hour-long sessions we work on key concepts like regulating emotions, understanding expected social behavior, and taking the perspective of others. Children who have had difficulty connecting with people will learn ways to share experiences and create stronger interpersonal relationships.

Social Learning Groups

Social learning groups are 90-minute sessions that are structured like a classroom, where children interact and engage with other kids. Social skills instruction, modeling, and practice are infused into all activities, which include lessons, playtime, yoga, and movement breaks. Our group sessions follow a structured routine, using visual supports to aid instruction.

We work on key concepts such as following a group plan, solving problems together, thinking flexibly, and sharing imaginative play. Children who have had difficulty getting along with others will learn about ways to compromise, collaborate, act with empathy, and develop lasting friendships.

Therapist-Facilitated Playdates

Building and maintaining friendships is an important social skill, so Kids Get Social offers therapist-facilitated playdates to help your child in developing these skills. Playdates can take place at home, a park, or a playground; the therapist will provide structure, social skills support, and intervention when needed.

Please note: To be eligible your child must be enrolled in either individual or group therapy at Kids Get Social. Parent, guardian, or caregiver must be present at the location of the playdate.

Therapist-Facilitated Birthday Parties

Managing social situations at birthday parties is an important aspect of your child’s social development. Kids Get Social offers therapist-facilitated birthday parties to help support your child on their special day. Services can include social coaching, parent consultation, and therapist-facilitated activities.

Please note: To be eligible your child must be enrolled in either individual or group therapy at Kids Get Social.

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