Social Groups

Helping your child authentically engage with others, weekly social groups are a great place to build and practice skills.

Social groups are 90-minute sessions that are structured like a classroom, where children interact and engage with other kids. A strength-based, child-led approach to therapy is infused into lessons and fun activities, which include collaborative projects, playtime, yoga, movement breaks, and more. Our group sessions follow a structured routine, using visual supports to aid instruction. We work on key concepts such as building social engagement, solving problems together, thinking flexibly, and sharing imaginative play. Children who have had challenges getting along with others will learn about ways to compromise, collaborate, act with empathy, and develop lasting friendships.

Individual Therapy

Building key social-communication skills, individual therapy sessions provide a strong foundation.

Our individual therapy helps your child bridge the social-communication gap, building important foundational skills for interactions with peers, friends, teachers, and family members. In hour-long sessions we work on key concepts like social engagement, self-advocacy, functional communication, and regulating sensory and emotional needs. Kids Get Social believes in meeting children and families where they are, and collaboratively developing communication methodologies based on your child’s strengths. Children who have had difficulty with interpersonal connection will develop ways to share experiences and create stronger relationships.


Supporting caregivers and educators with expert analysis, insights, and carryover suggestions.

In the process of providing therapy for your child, we at Kids Get Social become experts in their communication style, including how they express their sensory and emotional regulation needs. When parents, caregivers and educators need more in-depth support in these areas, our consultation provides unique insights and suggestions. Beyond our weekly group summaries and progress reports, we offer additional consultation services through email correspondence, phone and video calls, as well as off-site observations. As you and your child navigate social situations at home and at school, we are here to further support you.