If you are ready to enroll your child in Kids Get Social individual therapy sessions or social skills groups, please contact us to get started.
Below are some frequently asked questions about enrollment:
What is the process to enroll in services at Kids Get Social?
After contacting us to enroll your child for services, we will schedule an intake session. During the intake we have children participate in informal social-communication activities; we interview parents to gather background information and developmental history, as well as to identify their concerns. These provide a place to start with therapy placement, treatment plans, and individual therapy goals. Following the intake your child will either be placed in a social skills group, or individual therapy sessions will be scheduled.
How do you decide which group is the best fit for my child?

Kids are matched with others based on age, skill-level, and personal compatibility. Our groups are for 2-4 children with social learning challenges, which include children with autism, social-communication disorders, ADHD, or any kids who need extra help building social skills.

Are there start and end dates for a social skills group?

Kids can be enrolled throughout the school year and placed in a compatible group as long as space allows. There are no set start and end dates for social skills therapy groups.

What are your rates?

Please see our Rates Page for details on pricing for therapy and assessments.