Therapy and social groups in Greater Boston for children with autism, ADHD, or other social-communication differences.

Social Groups

Fostering social engagement through hands-on learning, practice, and review in group sessions.

Individual Therapy

Focused social skill development through direct instruction and structured practice.


Expert analysis, insights and carryover suggestions for caregivers and educators.

Kids Get Social is a speech-language pathology clinic offering therapy and social groups for children with social-communication differences.

Children from ages 3-11 will learn a variety of social skills that are beneficial for home, school, playdates, and other settings. Our therapy is specially designed for autism, ADHD, other social-communication disorders, or for any kids that need extra help in social engagement. Kids Get Social embraces neurodiversity with a model of acceptance and inclusivity. We use a child-led, play-based approach to foster development in social communication, sensory and emotional regulation, and self-advocacy. Our clinic is based in Cambridge, MA and serves the Greater Boston area.